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In general, registering for UvA courses must be done using SIS, the Student Information System. SIS may also be used to drop courses, check grades, and update your contact info. First year students do not have to register for first semester courses during the official course registration period in June. Alternative arrangements will be made for them. As of the second semester, all students (including first year's) need to register through SIS. Note that you need to re-enrol for the next academic year through Studielink before you are able to register for courses during the registration period in June.

Normally students should register for around 30 EC worth of courses and projects each semester. Only during the registration period it is possible to drop courses; after the deadline all registered courses will stay in your list. If you do not attend or fail a course, then it will end up as a ' not attended' or 'fail' in the system. However, not attended or failed courses will never appear in official transcripts nor on your diploma supplement.

As the Master of Logic is an interdisciplinary Master's programme, courses are organized by different Graduate Schools and Educational Institutes. At times, this can be confusing. In particular for first year students in their first semester or in case a student has for some reason been unable to register before the deadline.
In those cases please read the instruction below carefully.

To register for regular courses, first check the UvA Course Catalogue to find out which Graduate School or Educational Institute is responsible for a given course. This determines the applicable deadline (typically around one month before the start of the semester, also for courses in the second block of a given semester) and the way to register in your first semester or after the deadline (if possible).

Regular Courses at the Faculty of Science

Most regular Master of Logic courses at the Faculty of Science fall under the formal responsibility of the Graduate School of Informatics. Registration is handled by the ESC:

Special cases:

  • Late registration: This can only be done through this form and only with a valid reason, such as family or health problems. Without a valid reason you will not be registered and you will not be able to obtain a grade for the course. However, for students in the MSc Logic these rules are a bit more lenient and also include: 'I want to take this course after all and have the permission of the teacher.'
  • First-year students: Please use this form to register for your courses for your first semester only. This form will open after regular course registration is closed. The deadline for course registration for first-year students in the first semester is two weeks after the start of the semester.
    Students starting the programme in the second semester should use the form mentioned here above, at 'Late registration'. This is only possible after the start of the semester, February 1.

If neither of these options work, please send an email to .

Regular Courses at the Faculty of Humanities

Most regular Master of Logic courses at the Faculty of Humanities fall under the formal responsibility of the Programme Administration Philosophy (Onderwijsadministatie Wijsbegeerte):

  • Turfdraagsterpad 15-17, room 0.06, 1012 XT Amsterdam
    Phone: (020) 525 4952
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00

Special cases:

  • Late registration: For questions and problems related to registration, please contact the Programme Administration Philosophy. If you are late, you will most likely be put on a waiting list.
  • First-year students: Please send an email to the Programme Administration Philosophy, or go to their office in person. You have until two weeks after the start of the semester to contact them. Please mention that this is your first semester as a Master of Logic student and give them your UvA identity number and a list of the courses you wish to be registered for, including the course codes (to be found in the Course Catalogue).

Courses at other Dutch Universities

To take a course at another Dutch university, follow these steps:

  • Obtain permission from the relevant Master's programme at the other university to take their course (e.g., in view of prerequisites, space constraints). Should they in turn ask for permission from the MoL, please ask for a letter granting this permission by emailing . Please beware that permission to take a course is not the same as permission to use that course towards graduation.
  • Enrol as a bijvakstudent at the other university. Some universities explain how to do this on their website; some you have to contact directly. While enrolled at the UvA you do not need to pay tuition fees at the other university. They will, however, require a 'proof of payment', which you can get at the Student Service Desk of the UvA in the Roetersstraat 11, Amsterdam, building E (REC-E).
  • Keep the transcript you obtain from the other university in a safe place. Include the transcript when you seek approval for the complete content of your study programme by handing in your approval form. If you are uncertain whether the Board of Examiners will accept the course as part of your graduation package, please contact us at .

More specific information for courses at the Vrije Universiteit, VU can be found here. But please note: the info at 'UvA students at FNWI' on the bottom of the page does not apply to MoL students, since the MSc Logic is not a joint programme with VU.

Registration for courses in the MasterMath is an exception to the rules above. Instead, visit the MasterMath website to register. The grades will be automatically registered at the UvA.

Registration for Projects

  • Coordinated Research Projects (January/June):
    To register for the projects organized in January and June, first contact the lecturer of the project in question and ask for permission to join.
    Then register via, using the course code which you can find in the description of the project.
  • Individual Research Projects:
    Registration of Individual Research Projects is also done by the lecturer. Right at the start of the project he or she registers the project in DataNose with the title of the project, a short description, and in case the amount of EC is not 6, an explanation. When the project is finished the lecturer enters the grade in DataNose (for projects the grade is Pass or Fail).

Instruction for lecturers

Registration still not successful?

If a request for late registration for certain courses is not granted and you feel this is not right, please contact .