Below is an overview of the most important deadlines regarding your graduation:

  • Submission Thesis Project and Academic Plan: If you plan to defend between June 1 and September 30 (the busiest period of the year), then the deadline for the submission of both your thesis project and your academic plan is March 1 of the same year. During other times of the year, there are no specific deadlines. Having said this, you should submit your thesis project right at the start of your thesis project. The academic plan should preferably submitted right after the approval of your thesis project and no later than 3 months before the planned graduation date.
  • Arrangement of Thesis Defense: You need to arrange your defense in DataNose ( in the thesis project) 1 month before the planned defense date, at the latest.
  • Thesis Submission: You must upload your thesis manuscript in DataNose (in the thesis project)  at least 3 weeks before the date of the defense (meaning that you may submit until 23:59 on the 21st day before your defense date). Extensions by a couple of days are only possible in case all committee members agree (please discuss this with the chair of your defense committee). Extensions by more than a couple of days are never possible.
  • Thesis Revisions: You have up to 4 weeks after your defense to make minor revisions to your thesis manuscript, before its inclusion in the MoL Thesis Collection on the ILLC website. If we do not receive a revised version by this deadline (which in many cases will be perfectly fine), then we will instead upload the version of the thesis you defended.