Academic plan

Your academic plan (AcadPlan) is the list of courses, research projects and the thesis project that you want to graduate with.

After you have requested the Examinations Board Logic for the approval of your thesis project, you should request the EB for the approval of your academic plan.

In order to do so, go to AcadPlan in DataNose:

Here you will find 6 categories that should speak for themselves:

  • ogligatory components
  • track components
  • research projects
  • elective components
  • free choice
  • master's thesis

Plus an extra tab, 'Extracurricular MSc Logic'.

*You start by entering your track. This choice will fill your academic plan with the right obligatory and elective components.

In case something is wrong in one of those categories, please contact the administration of the MoL ().

*Then you make sure all the courses and projects you want to graduate with are in your plan and in the right place:

  • The elements you passed are there automatically with a grade or AVV (Pass).
  • All other elements have a box you can tick in case you want to use them toward graduation, but haven't completed them yet.
  • Research projects you haven't finished yet, should be registered in DataNose by the supervisor of the project as soon as possible, right at the start of the project. That way it will appear in your list with a box to tick. If the supervisor of the project did not do so yet, please remind him or her.
  • Courses that are not in the list of electives (either from UvA or from other universities), which you did not complete yet, can be added to the list of Free Choice manually.

*You are allowed to move some elements to the extra tab 'Extracurricular MSc Logic'. Of course this can only be done as long as the remaining components comply with the requirements for graduation mentioned in the OER (TER, Teaching and Examination Regulations). This means that:

  • the total number of EC in the main part of the Academic Plan is 120;
  • all obligatory components (including a research project of 6 EC) are in the main part of the Academic Plan.
  • at least 72 EC are obtained in MoL components (obligatory, elective or research projects).

Please be aware that the components in the extra tab 'Extracurricular MSc Logic' will appear in a separate part of your diploma-supplement. These courses will not be counted toward your GPA nor toward any decisions on a cum laude qualification.
However, in an official transcript these courses will appear in the main list and will be counted toward the GPA.

In case you really do not want an elective component to appear on your diploma-supplement or official transcript at all, please contact the MoL administration at .

Note for students in the L&C and L&M track:
The course 'Introduction to Modal Logic' is obligatory for students in these tracks, but not for all. Here we run into one of the limits of SIS/DataNose. It is not possible to put it in the 'Obligatory components' for some students and in 'Elective components' for others in these tracks.

Therefore it is only in the list of obligatory components. For those students for whom it is not obligatory, the MoL administration can remove it manually from this list, but it is not possible to then add it to the 'Elective components'. 

For those of you to whom this applies: if you want to take this course, although you don't have to, please add it to the 'Free choice'. The Examinations Board will count this course toward your electives, not toward your free choice.

For students in the L&L and L&P track this course is in the 'Elective components' anyway.

Note about Applying for exemptions:
In case you run across this option, please know that this option does not apply to the Master of Logic.

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