Research Training Outside of Courses

  • Colloquia and Seminars

    The ILLC organizes many colloquia, seminars, and lectures. Before starting their thesis research, a student in the Master of Logic has to attend at least ten lectures outside of his or her course programme. Students are of course very welcome to attend more than ten of these lectures. For a list of regular colloquia, please consult the ILLC website. Irregular talks will be announced via ILLC News.

  • Conferences in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

    Members of staff at the ILLC are often involved in the organization of research conferences, to which all sufficiently prepared students are cordially invited. These special events will be listed on the ILLC website and will be announced via ILLC News.

  • Summer Schools

    Students are encouraged to participate in international summer schools, for example, the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) organized annually under the auspices of the Association for Logic, Language and Information.

    It is possible to obtain credit towards the Master of Logic for such activities, under the following conditions:

    1. You need to seek permission from the before the school. He will determine the appropriate number of credit points (e.g., for ESSLLI it is 3 EC).
    2. You need to find a senior member of staff at the ILLC who is willing to assess a report you write on your participation. He or she determines the requirements for that report. A typical report will cover all of the courses you have followed, some of them in detail, and it might be in the order of 10 pages.
    3. You need to submit your report at most one month after the end of the school. Grading will be on a pass/fail basis.

    Credits for any learning activity that is not taught in the usual style of courses and/or that is not part of a regular Master's programme of a university (this includes internships and summer schools) are counted towards the maximum of 24 EC in research projects.