Fees & Funding

For general information on finances for international students at the University of Amsterdam, please have a look at these pages.

  • Tuition Fee

    There are two different tuition rates, one for European students and one for non-European students. For detailed information, please have a look at these pages. The fees for the MSc Logic and the Logic Year are the same.

  • Housing

    Affordable housing is scarce in Amsterdam. If you are a first-year international student or an exchange student, you can apply for UvA student housing. Unfortunately, the UvA does not have enough housing resources to supply housing to all European students. So if you're from Europe, you may have to find a room or shared flat on the private rental market.

    The rent for single rooms offered by the UvA varies from €425 (shared facilities) to €800 (private facilities) per month (including electricity and gas). For more information, click here. Housing prices on the private market vary.

  • Living Costs

    In addition to tuition and accommodation, students should budget approximately €400 to €500 a month for other expenses.

    Study Materials

    The costs of books and other study material vary per course. Students should budget approximately € 75 per month for books and other study materials.

  • Health Insurance

    Everyone in the Netherlands is required by law to have appropriate health insurance for the duration of their stay. There are several good private healthcare agreements for students that will suffice for you. These are cheaper and will approximately cost you €50 per month. Please note that in case you have a paid job, even only for one hour a week, you are obliged to take out the Dutch basic health insurance. 

  • Jobs

    Students from EU countries (except for Kroatia, until 1 July 2018) are officially allowed to hold a job in the Netherlands. They do not need to obtain a work permit and there is no limit to how many hours they work.

    Students, from non-EU countries, who also have to apply for a residence permit, are allowed to work a maximum of ten hours per week during the year (or they may apply their cumulative work hours to a seasonal job in June, July and/or August). Please note that in all cases their employer needs to apply for a work permit.

    For information about working in the Netherlands alongside your studies, please have a look at this page.

  • Loans

    Information on loans (for students from certain countries) can be found on these UvA pages.

    Please contact the Financial Aid officers at the University of Amsterdam for more information and support.

  • Scholarships

    At the University of Amsterdam, the vast majority of students does not hold a scholarship but is self-funded. Do not expect that getting admitted to the Master of Logic means that you will get a scholarship.

    There are three local scholarships, the AMS, the ASTS, and the E W Beth Scholarship, and usually two to three of our accepted applicants will get one of these. If you wish to apply for one of these four scholarships, please read the page on UvA Scholarships in detail. Please note that Logic Year students do not qualify for being granted a scholarship, because the Logic Year is not a degree programme.

    Students can also come with external funding, e.g., from their home country or from some other foundation or funding agency. Examples are the Fulbright grants (more information on their website). For other grants, consult the Grant Finder or the list of scholarships on the webpage of the Graduate School of Science.