MoL Titlepage Guide

In order to use the MoL Titlepage, you just have to copy the files illcmolthesis.sty and illclogo.eps (or illclogo.pdf if you are using pdflatex) into the correct directory and add the line


to your LaTeX document. This redefines the \maketitle command of LaTeX and replaces the title with the standard frontpage. The stylefile should work fine with any LaTeX class that you're using (for instance, report, book, amsbook, or the like). When you use illcmolthesis.sty, you have a list of commands at your disposal:

\title This should be the title of your thesis.
\author This is your name.
\birthdate This is your birthdate (optional).
\birthplace This is your birthplace (optional).
\defensedate This is the date of your defense.
\supervisor This is the name of your thesis supervisor. If you have two supervisors, you can just use the command twice.
\committeemember   This command can be reused up to eight times to fill the slots of the committee. Note that if your thesis supervisor(s) is/are on the committee, you have to reenter them here.
\degree Default is "MSc in Logic". If you are using this stylefile for a thesis submitted in order to obtain a different degree (e.g., MSc in Mathematics), then enter that degree title with this command.

Please have a look at sample.tex and the output PDF file.


It is very important that you include an abstract in your thesis. This will be used in the online series ILLC Publications.