During the graduation process, you need to complete these two forms:

  • Approval Form (pdf) or Approval Form (Word): Use this form to inform the MSc Logic management of your plan to graduate with a particular set of courses and projects and of your agreements with your supervisor.

    It is important that you submit this form at the start of your thesis project. Not yet having completed all coursework is not a reason to delay this important step (provided at least 72 EC are registered). Not being completely sure about every minute detail of your thesis project also is not a reason for delay. What matters is that you have a feasible plan and clear agreements with your supervisor.

  • Arrangement of Thesis Defense Form (pdf) or Arrangement of Thesis Defense Form (Word): Complete this form after the Examinations Board has appointed your thesis defense committee. You should submit it one month before your envisaged defense date to allow the MSc Logic management to make the necessary arrangements.