MoL graduation trajectory

During the whole year a number of events are organised as part of a MoL graduation trajectory with the aim to provide information and extra support to students in their graduation year. 

Although attending these meetings is not mandatory (unless explicitly indicated below), they are highly recommended. The thesis-writing phase is challenging for many students and this sort of events could be of significant help.

MoL graduation trajectory  


  • Meeting about MoL graduation procedure (mandatory) 
  • Information and experiences on PhD application procedures (optional)


  •  Plenary thesis project presentations by MoL students graduating in semester 1 (mandatory)


  • Individual meetings with Tanja Kassenaar (this is in addition to the meetings with academic mentors)


  • How to write a MoL thesis  (optional)
  • Provisional thesis topic presentations by students graduating in semester 2 (everybody is expected to present) 


  • Plenary thesis project presentations by students graduating in semester 2 (mandatory)