Further thesis options


  • Thesis Fair Graduate School of Informatics

    The Thesis Fair is an annual event organised by the Graduate School of Informatics of the University of Amsterdam. The goal of the event is to bring together organisations (commercial and public) and students of the Master programmes of the FNWI with the intent to define a research project that leads to a Master's thesis.

    The Master of Logic joins this initiative with the principal aim of offering our students the opportunity to learn more about research themes and career opportunities in the non-academic (public and private) sector in the Netherlands.

    Every MoL thesis must be primarily supervised by an ILLC staff member who takes full responsibility for the project and needs approval of the Examinations Board. This applies equally to projects in collaboration with non-academic partners as the ones proposed during the Thesis Fair.

    How does the fair work?

    Organisations offer proposals for projects on the Thesis Marketplace and students will be able to browse and read these proposals.

    In addition, at the Thesis Fair event (every November), organisations will be present to meet students.

    Speed dating sessions are organised to match students with their favorite organisations and projects.

    If you are interested in the Thesis Fair (website, event and/or speed dating), please register.

    Thesis Marketplace

    Registration form

    When you find a project via the Thesis Fair

    As mentioned before, the main supervisor of a MoL thesis must be an ILLC member, so if you are interested in one of the projects on the website, you would still need to find an ILLC member as main supervisor (who will have influence on the description and planning of the project).

    Of course you will need to get the approval of the Examinations Board for the supervision team and the project in the usual way.


    Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

    The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers 10 outstanding students the opportunity to join the IAS research community.

    You will get a place to work on your final thesis in a stimulating environment alongside renowned researchers and talented early-career scholars.

    In order to be eligible for this opportunity, your thesis should be focussed on a challenging scientific question that is studied from an interdisciplinary, complexity perspective.

    The best and most original thesis will be awarded with a prize: 500 euro in cash and the opportunity to present your research at an international conference.


    Have a look at the website of IAS for more information and to find the latest call for excellent students.

    IAS talent development