Exchange Possibilities

Students from a university with which the University of Amsterdam has an 'Agreement of Cooperation and Exchange' as well as students from exchange programmes such as Erasmus or the Global Exchange Programme are exempt from paying the tuition fee. Please have a look here for general information on following an exchange programme at the UvA.

Exchange students will not receive a degree from the UvA, but they can receive an official transcript of the courses completed here. The credits obtained during the exchange will be transferred to their home institution and can be counted towards a degree there.

Applicants should start by contacting the study-abroad office or foreign relations office at their home university for information.

The exchange officer at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam is Ms. Selma Kujundzic.

All exchange students who are accepted by the University of Amsterdam are welcome to follow Master of Logic courses. Please note that only those who are staying for at least two semesters (and are planning to follow mostly Master of Logic courses) can apply for the full support package we offer to the Master of Logic students (including an academic mentor and access to the MoL room).
In order to apply, you should follow the steps in the application section. Because an exchange programme does not lead towards a Master's degree, the application procedure is slightly less rigorous. A letter of motivation, two letters of recommendation and the official transcripts of records of your previous academic education will suffice. The entry requirements for acceptance to the Master of Logic (relevant bachelor, academic excellence and background in logic) do apply.


Students registered at other Dutch universities can easily take courses at the UvA. As they already pay tuition fee at their own university they will not be charged. You can read all about it here. For courses from the Master of Logic you will need to ask for permission from the programme director by sending us an .

Contract Students

Students who are not registered at a Dutch university can also take courses at the UvA. They will be charged per course. You can contact the Education Service Centre of the Faculty of Science about applicable fees. Again, for courses from the Master of Logic you will need to ask for permission from the programme director by sending us an .