Non-Academic Mentors

Non-Academic Mentors

Non-academic mentors are former MoL students or ILLC PhD candidates who successfully pursued a career outside of academia. They are happy to help out present or recently graduated MoL students to find their way to a non-academic career as well. They can give advice and tips and answer questions from their own personal experience. 

Below there is a list of the non-academic mentors, with the year they graduated, their present job and a link to the short history of what happened in between.

If you are interested in advise from one of them, please contact the coordinator of the MoL at , and they will make sure you are contacted by the mentor of your preference.

 Heleen BooyHeleen_Booy

Andreea van Ham 

  • graduated from the MoL in 2014
  • engagement manager at Oliver Wyman in Amsterdam (2014-2020)
  • Business Manager Advanced Analytics in Financial Crime & RegTech ING (2020- present) 
  • short introduction, under construction

Tikitu_de_JagerTikitu de Jager

Nal Kalchbrenner

  • graduated from the MoL in 2012
  • staff research scientist at Google Brain Amsterdam
  • short introduction, under construction

Raul Leal

  • graduated from the MoL in 2007; got his PhD at the ILLC in 2011
  • fleet information analyst and project manager at, Amsterdam (2016-2021)
  • Partner at Bridge2IT (2021-present) 
  • short introduction, under construction

Lucy_van_OostveenLucy van Oostveen

Annemieke Reijngoud

  • graduated from the MoL in 2011
  • Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, Amsterdam (2017-2021)
  • Strategy consultant at ProRail, Amsterdam (2021-present) 
  • short introduction, under construction