How to Apply

Application Procedure

To apply to the Master of Logic or the Logic Year you first have to submit an enrolment application in Studielink.

How to submit your enrolment application in Studielink

One day after you completed your registration in Studielink, you will receive an email with your UvA student number (UvA-net ID) and an email with an invitation to finalize your application by filling in an online form.

  • In the online application form you will be asked to answer some questions about your (logic) background and to provide us with the name and email address of two faculty members who are familiar with your work. They will receive an automated email with an invitation to write a letter of recommendation and upload it within the next two weeks. Please ask them beforehand whether they would indeed be willing to send us such a letter.
  • In the online application form you will be asked for several documents, so make sure to have these ready in pdf format.
  • Required documents, which must be submitted immediately:
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • A single pdf file containing all official transcripts and grades of all university courses/examinations taken; if the documents are not in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish or French, please also submit translations;
  • A single pdf file containing all diplomas of previous completed academic education. In case the documents are not in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian or French, please also submit translations;
  • A written statement (approximately one page) of your motivation (for instance: why are you applying for the programme, why Logic, why at the ILLC?)
  • Required documents, which can be submitted later:
  • The result of the English proficiency test (if required). Check our language requirements and in case of doubt please contact the of the UvA's Faculty of Science. The results can be uploaded to Datanose or, later on, be submitted by email to mol-illc[at]
  • An original and certified copy of your secondary school certificate and transcript of records, or, if you have obtained a Master’s degree: a Master’s degree certificate and final transcript of records.
  • Certified copies of diplomas of previous academic education and their official translation. No translation needed for diploma's regarding secondary school nor for academic diploma's in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian or Spanish.
  • Please check "What is a certified document?" for more information on certified documents.
  • The certified documents should be sent to this address:

    The International Team, Education Service Centre University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science 
    Science Park 904, Room B1.28
    1098 XH Amsterdam
    The Netherlands


  • The application deadlines for a start on September 1 are as follows:

    Apr. 1: for students from EU/EEA countries (including the Netherlands),
    Feb. 1: for students from other countries.

    If you wish to apply for a UvA scholarship (only September start), deadlines are as follows:

    Mar. 1: for EU/EEA students (Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship),
    Jan. 15: for non-EU/EEA students (Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship and Amsterdam Merit Scholarship).

  • The application deadlines for a start on February 1 are as follows:

    Dec. 1: for students from EU/EEA countries (including the Netherlands),
    Oct. 15: for students from other countries.

    Although it is possible to start in February, please be aware that we do recommend starting in September.

  • Please note that registration in Studielink and getting all documents ready can take several days, therefore, we strongly recommend to start the application procedure at least one week before the deadline.

  • Please note that at the moment you submit your Datanose application, your recommenders receive an automated email inviting them to upload their letter within two weeks. In case you want to apply for a scholarship, please organize your application such way that we receive their letters within this two-week- deadline.
  • If possible, we will also consider applications received after these deadlines. However, the University of Amsterdam will not be able to guarantee a successful visa application procedure nor housing support. For more detailed information on visa applications and housing, please have a look here. Please note that due to an increase in the number of international students and a shortage in available accommodation, the University of Amsterdam cannot give any guarantees regarding housing even for early applicants. If you intend to apply after the deadline, please contact the ILLC office at .

  • Later years: if accepted for the MoL, you should re-register every following year through Studielink before the following deadlines:

    Aug. 31 for a start per September 1
    Jan. 31 for a start per February 1

After application

The Master of Logic has no maximum number of admissions. The Admissions Board determines acceptance on the basis of the information you supply in your application; if you meet the requirements, you will be admitted, no matter how many other students have been admitted previously.

It might be that more information is needed to come to a decision. In that case you will be contacted directly.

We aim to inform you of our decision within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline that applies to you. If, for urgent reasons, you need a decision at an earlier moment, please inform us at and we will do our best to comply.

If you have other questions, please also contact us at .

After admission

  • If applicable, international students will be contacted by Student Services on housing matters and visa applications automatically;
  • All admitted students will be contacted by the Master of Logic again at the end of June, with information about the start of the programme.
  • In the meantime, if you have any doubts or questions, do feel free to contact us anytime, again at .


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