When & How to Apply


15 January: for students from countries outside the EU/EEA and all students who wish to apply for UvA scholarships (Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship, Amsterdam Merit Scholarship, or E W Beth Scholarship), independently of your country of citizenship;

15 March: for students from EU/EEA countries (including the Netherlands).

Please note: applications should be complete (including two letters of reference) by the relevant deadline.

Before starting the application procedure please read this whole page carefully.

  • Step 1: Enrolment in Studielink

    In order to apply to the Master of Logic or the Logic Year, you first submit an enrolment application in Studielink.

    How to submit your enrolment application in Studielink

    Please note: for the full Master of Logic as well as for the Logic Year please choose the 'Master's programme Logic' in Studielink and not the 'optional/elective course in ...'   

    One day after you completed your registration in Studielink, you will receive an email with your UvA student number (UvAnetID) and an email with an invitation to finalize your application by filling in an online form in DataNose.

  • Step 2: Submitting the application form in DataNose

    In the application form in DataNose you will be asked to:

    • answer questions about your (logic) background;
    • provide us with the name and email address of two faculty members who are familiar with your work. They will receive an automated email with an invitation to write a letter of recommendation and upload it by the relevant deadline. Please make sure that they have confirmed that they are willing and able to write a letter by the relevant deadline. If the letters have not been received by the deadline, the Admissions Board may consider your application as incomplete;
    • upload several documents, so make sure to have these ready in pdf format:
    • Your curriculum vitae;
    • A single pdf file containing all official transcripts and grades of all university courses/examinations taken. If the documents are not in Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish or French, please also submit translations;
    • A single pdf file containing all diplomas of previous completed academic education. In case the documents are not in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian or French, please also submit translations. In case you have not yet finished your undergraduate degree, an official transcript is sufficient;
    • A written statement of your motivation of approximately one page (explaining for instance: why are you applying for the programme, why Logic, why at the ILLC?);
    • A single pdf file containing your high school diploma and grade list.

    And only in case you wish to apply for one of the UvA scholarships (if not, see Step 4):

    Your application should be complete on the day of the deadline, including all documents and the two letters of reference. Please be advised that registration in Studielink takes a short while, and please allow some time for your academic referees to submit their letters of recommendation. As a consequence, we strongly advise all applicants to start the application procedure at least two weeks before the relevant deadline.

    If you expect that your application is going to be incomplete by the relevant deadline, but that you will be able to complete it within a few days, it is advisable to send us an email before the deadline to alert us at: 

  • Step 3: After application

    The Admissions Board may need to contact you directly in order to ask for additional information and/or clarification. Please make sure that you respond promptly to any such requests.

    We aim to inform applicants of our decision within six to eight weeks after the relevant application deadline. If you have other questions, please contact us at .

  • Step 4: After admission, completing your enrolment

    In order to finalize your enrolment at the UvA, the checklist in your application form in DataNose is the most trustworthy place to find out and keep track of what you still need to do. 
    Beside handling things like visa/residence permit and tuition fee payment, you will have to provide us with the following documents*:

    • Certified hard copies of diplomas of previous academic education and their official translation. No translation needed for academic diploma's in English, Dutch, German or French;
    • Official hard copies of final grade transcripts of previous academic education and their official translation. No translation needed for transcripts in English, Dutch, German or French;
    • Certified hard copies of your secondary school certificate and grade list (no translation required).

    And in case you are not applying for one of the UvA scholarships:

    • The result of the English proficiency test (if required).
      If you are from outside the EU/EEA and do not want a scholarship then the deadline for your language test result is 1 April. If you are from the EU/EEA, the deadline for your language test result is 1 July. Check our language requirements and in case of doubt please contact the  of the UvA's Faculty of Science. The results can be submitted in pdf by email to: .

    Please check "What is a certified document?" for more information on certified documents.

    The certified documents should be sent to this address:
    The International Team, Education Service Centre
    University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science
    Science Park 904, Room B1.28
    1098 XH Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    *Please note that in most cases the UvA also accepts digitally certified documents. Contact the International Team at to find out whether this applies in your case.

  • Step 4a: Request for admission with study delay due to corona measures

    This regulation applies to students who want to start their Master’s at the UvA in September 2021 and are enrolled in a Bachelor’s or pre-Master’s programme at the UvA in 2020-2021, or in a Bachelor’s at another university in any other country.

    Between 1 July and 31 August you can submit your request for admission to the Master’s programme with an unfinished Bachelor’s in DataNose (link will become available in due course). To submit this request, you should meet all the requirements listed below. In addition, you should have completed all the exams and resits in your Bachelor’s programme and know for sure that you cannot complete your Bachelor’s before 1 September. You will need to complete any missing courses during the 2021-2022 academic year.

    Please note: in order to complete your Bachelor’s you will have to re-enroll in your Bachelor’s programme! 

    Admission requirements with unfinished Bachelor’s

    • You have applied for the Master’s programme in Studielink and Datanose before the deadline
    • You have received a (conditional) offer of admission to the Master’s programme
    • The deficiency in your Bachelor’s programme does not exceed 15 ECTS. This may comprise courses and/or your Bachelor’s thesis (or project), or:
    • The deficiency in your Bachelor’s programme is between 15-30 ECTS, including your Bachelor’s project/thesis

    If you wish to make use of the option to start your Master’s programme with an unfinished Bachelor’s degree, you will need to seriously consider the overall achievability of your combined study programme. Unfortunately, we are not able to make provisions for any overlaps in planning concerning exams, classes, etc.

  • Step 5: After admission, housing

    Important note: the UvA cannot offer housing to all incoming international students. No housing will be offered to international students who already live in the Netherlands.

    Priority will be given to students from outside the EU/EEA and to students with a UvA scholarship. Shortly after this, EU students will be offered the possibility to register for the remaining accomodation on a first-come-first-served base.

    Please be on the look-out for an incoming email from in the months May and June. This message contains detailed information on how to register for the UvA Housing Service and a link to the registration form. It is important to read this carefully. To be prepared by the time you get this email, please check the UvA's housing website well ahead and regularly:

    UvA Housing
    Make sure to react as soon as possible; the sooner you respond, the bigger the chance you'll find university housing.

    Please note that a housing fee is required (credit card or PayPal).

    If you do get the opportunity for housing through the UvA, it is advised not to decline, unless you already have another option secured. Finding affordable housing in Amsterdam by yourself is extremely difficult.

  • Step 6: After admission, other information

    • Learn about practical matters;
    • If applicable, international students will be contacted by central student services on visa applications automatically;
    • All admitted students will be contacted by the Master of Logic again at the end of June, with information about the start of the programme;
    • In the meantime, if you have any questions, do feel free to contact us anytime at .