The Logic Year Programme

Besides the full two-year Master's programme, the ILLC also offers a non-degree one-year programme called the Logic Year. It consists of 60 EC worth of coursework that the student selects from the obligatory and elective courses offered through the MSc Logic programme, in consultation with their academic mentor. Students who wish to do so may replace 12 EC of coursework with a short thesis. After completion the student is awarded a certificate.
Please be informed that the Logic Year certificate is not a recognized diploma, but that the academic transcript you receive is recognized. Students who receive the student public transport card should be aware that DUO considers the Logic Year as a not-finished MSc Logic degree.

By offering the Logic Year we hope to accommodate interested students who already hold a postgraduate degree, and who possibly are already enrolled in a PhD programme elsewhere, who wish to acquire additional advanced training in logic or a related discipline.

The entry requirements and the application procedure for the Logic Year are the same as for the MSc Logic.