Irregular course registration

  • Late registration

    Special enrol no longer possible. All course registration has to be done through GLASS in the course registration period. (For all second and older year students: the late registration route via DataNose ( will no longer be in use.)

    If you have any questions please contact the Faculty's Education Desk.

  • Registration for courses at other Dutch Universities

    To take a course at another Dutch university, please follow these steps:

    1. Obtain permission from the relevant Master's programme at the other university to take their course (in view of prerequisites, space constraints, etc.). Should they in turn ask for permission from the MoL, please ask for a letter granting this permission by emailing the MoL office.

    Please beware that permission to take a course is not the same as permission to use that course towards graduation.

    2. Enrol as a bijvakstudent at the other university. Some universities explain how to do this on their website; some you have to contact directly. (Google the Dutch word 'Bijvak' and the university of your choice, go to the page and then switch the page to English.)
    While enrolled at the UvA you do not need to pay tuition fees at the other university. They will, however, require a 'proof of payment', which you can get at the Student Service Desk of the UvA.

    3. To register a course taken at another university, go to your Academic Plan. Click the button “+add an elective” and choose the option that says “external course”. After filling out the required information about the course (institution, number of EC, etc.) you have to upload the transcript. After doing so and clicking “save” your request will be sent to the Examination Board for approval. Please note that when your request has been approved this does not mean that the course will be automatically incorporated into your academic plan. At the final approval of your academic plan when nearing graduation, the Examination Board will check any overlap between the content of your external courses and your UvA courses.

    Student service desk UvA

    Academic plan

    VU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    More specific information for courses at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) can be found on the website below.
    Please note: the info at 'I am a student at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Science' on the bottom of the page does not apply to MoL students, since the MoL is not a joint programme with VU.

    VU: application procedure secondary courses

    Registration for courses in the MasterMath is an exception to the rules above. Instead, visit the MasterMath website to register. Your grades will be automatically registered at the UvA.

    MasterMath website

  • Registration for research projects

    coordinated research projects
    To register for the coordinated research projects organised in January and June, contact the lecturer of the project in question and ask for permission to join.

    individual research projects
    The registration of individual research projects is done by the lecturer. Right at the start of the project they register the project in DataNose with the title of the project, a short description, and in case the amount of EC is not 6, an explanation. When the project is finished the lecturer enters the grade in DataNose (for projects the grade is Pass or Fail).

    Instruction for lecturers

  • Registration still not successful?

    If a registration request for certain courses is not granted and you feel this is not right, please contact the coordinator of the MoL.