Regular course registration

  • General information

    All students must register for courses (mandatory ones as well as electives) during the course registration period (see next tab 'Registration periods'). 

    To prepare for the course registration, you 1. Choose your courses: go to the Course Catalogue, look for the Master of Logic and choose your courses, and 2. Add your courses to GLASS: Go to the Course Catalogue, find the course for which you want to register and select 'Add to course registration'. It's not possible to choose groups. GLASS automatically takes any overlapping of your schedule into account.

    Course Catalogue

    Information about GLASS

    We advise you to have all courses ready in GLASS before the course registration opens. You can start adding courses to GLASS before the course registration opens.


    Normally students should register for around 30 EC worth of courses and projects each semester. Course registration is done per semester, for the first 2 blocks at the same time.

    In some cases the registration is done differently. Please see the page on irregular course registration in case you:

    • have missed the registration deadline;
    • want to take courses at another Dutch university or MasterMath;
    • need to register for a research project.


  • Registration periods

    The regular course registration takes place in a fixed period in June (for semester 1) and in December (for semester 2). (Faculties that don't use GLASS may have their own registration periods and deadline.)

    Note that you need to be re-enrolled at the UvA for the next academic year before you are able to register for courses during the registration period in June.

    To register for regular courses, first check the UvA Course Catalogue to find out which Graduate School or Educational Institute is responsible for a given course. This is important as the faculty organizing the courses of your choice determines the applicable registration period. 

    UvA Course Catalogue

  • Deregistration

    Also to deregister from a course it is important to first find out at which Faculty the course is organised.

    At the Faculty of Science you can deregister for courses up to one week before the course ends.

    At the Faculty of Humanities you can deregister for courses up to two weeks after the course started.

    To cancel course registrations please enter GLASS, go to the ‘Overview of registrations’ tab, check the box next to the course you wish to cancel and click ‘Deregister’ and then ‘OK’. 

    Please note: It is important to deregister for courses you do not plan to follow. Otherwise you will be preventing a fellow student from being granted a place in the course. The lecturer also needs to know what to expect.

    Courses you did not manage to deregister from will stay in your list. If you do not attend or fail a course, then it will end up as NA (not attended) or NAV (fail) in the system. However, not attended or failed courses will never appear in official transcripts, nor on your diploma supplement, and will not be counted toward GPA or cum laude.