Beth Scholars

The following students from the MSc in Logic were generously funded by the Evert Willem Beth Foundation:

2002/03 Elizabeth Birchall (Canada)
2003/04 Dr. Fenrong Liu (China)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam 2008.
Full Professor at Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
Dr. Ji Ruan (China)
PhD in Computer Science, University of Liverpool 2008.
Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.
2004/05 Dr. Yanjing Wang (China)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam 2010.
Assistant Professor at Department of Philosophy, Peking University, Beijing, China.
2005/06 Dr. Raul Leal (Colombia)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam 2011.
Information Technology Analyst,, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Martin Müller (Germany)
Dr. Jonathan Zvesper (Great Britain)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam 2010.
Developer Lead, Tassomai, London, United Kingdom.
2006/07 Huanfang Dong (China)
Senior Engineer at Baidu, Inc., Beijing
Dr. Silvia Gaio (Italy)
PhD in Philosophy, Università degli Studi di Padova, 2010.
Servizio Richerca Internazionale, Università degli Studi di Padova.
Dr. Fan Yang (China)
PhD in Mathematics, Helsingin Yliopisto, 2014.
Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
2007/08 Dr. Ivano Ciardelli (Italy)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2014.
Assistant Professor at the MCMP, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany.
Dr. Sara Ramezani (Iran)
PhD in Computer Science, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2014.
Advisor at SURFsara, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Dr. Maria Spychalska (Poland)
PhD in Philosophy, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 2016.
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Universität Köln, Germany
2008/09 David Fiske (USA)
Yves Fomatati (Cameroon)
PhD candidate at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa, Canada.
2010/11 Dr. Nal Kalchbrenner (Switzerland)
PhD in Computer Science, University of Oxford, 2016.
Scientist at Google/DeepMind Technologies, London, England.
Jessica Olsen (USA)
Specification Manager, Nederlandse Spoorwegen/Essentium, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Tong Wang (China)
Data Scientist Product Analytics at Google, Mountain View, U.S.A.
2011/12 Andreea Achimescu (Romania)
Strategy consultant in financial risk at Oliver Wyman, the Netherlands
Dr. Tanmay Inamdar (India)
PhD in Mathematics, University of East Anglia, 2018.
Dr. Hugo Nobrega (Brazil)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2018.
2012/13 Dr. Tanmay Inamdar (India)
PhD in Mathematics, University of East Anglia, 2018.

Laura Mojica (Colombia)
Lecturer at Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá, Colombia

Dr. Hugo Nobrega (Brazil)
PhD in Logic, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2018.
2013/14 Laura Mojica (Colombia)
Lecturer at Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá, Colombia
Nigel Sequeira (Canada)
Fangzhou Zhai (China)
2014/15 Fangzhou Zhai (China)
Iliana Gioulatou (Greece)
PhD student in philosophy at New York University, New York, U.S.A.
Kristina Gogoladze (Georgia)
2015/16 Kristina Gogoladze (Georgia)
Stella Moon (South Korea)
2016/17 Stella Moon (South Korea)
PhD student in logic and philosophy of science at the University of California at Irvine, Irvine, U.S.A.
Tao Gu (China)
2017/18 Tao Gu (China)
Mrinalini Luthra (India)
2018/19 Zhuoye Zhao (China)
Erin McCloskey (Ireland)
2019/20 Erin McCloskey (Ireland)
Anna Dmitrieva (Russian Federation)
2020/21 Anna Dmitrieva (Russian Federation)
2021/22 Noel Arteche Echeverria (Spain)
Katia Parshina (Russian Federation)
2022/23 Katia Parshina (Russian Federation)

Mayra Huespe (Argentina)


Mayra Huespe (Argentina)

Klarise Marais (South Africa)


The following research theses were written and defended by our Beth Scholars:

16 Mar 2004. Elizabeth Birchall
  Duality for Distributive Modal Algebras with an application on subdirect irreducibility (MoL-2004-04)
Supervisor: Yde Venema
30 Aug 2004. Fenrong Liu
  Dynamic Variations: Update and Revision for Diverse Agents (MoL-2004-05)
Supervisor: Johan van Benthem
7 Oct 2004. Ji Ruan
  Exploring the Update Universe (MoL-2004-08)
Supervisors: Johan van Benthem & Jan van Eijck
8 Mar 2006. Yanjing Wang
  Dynamics of information in constructive and eliminative communications (MoL-2006-05)
Supervisors: Maricarmen Martínez & Frank Veltman
14 Sep 2006. Martin Müller
  Accent and Focus in OT: A cross-linguistic perspective (MoL-2006-07)
Supervisors: Maria Aloni & Jeroen Groenendijk
18 Jan 2007. Jonathan Zvesper
  A Revised Version: Belief Revision and Epistemic Acts (MoL-2007-01)
Supervisors: Eric Pacuit & Krister Segerberg
29 Aug 2007. Raul Leal
  Expressivity of Coalgebraic Modal Languages (MoL-2007-19)
Supervisor: Yde Venema
24 Jun 2008. Silvia Gaio
  Gradability without Degrees (MoL-2008-02)
Supervisors: Frank Veltman & Robert van Rooij
25 Aug 2008. Fan Yang
  Intuitionistic subframe formulas, NNIL-formulas and universal models (MoL-2008-12)
Supervisor: Dick de Jongh
7 Nov 2008. Sara Ramezani
  Nash Social Welfare in Multiagent Resource Allocation (MoL-2008-09)
Supervisor: Ulle Endriss
31 Aug 2009. Maria Spychalska
  Scalar Implicatures and Existential Import: Experimental Study on Quantifiers in Natural Language (MoL-2009-10)
Supervisor: Michiel van Lambalgen
3 Sep 2009. Ivano Ciardelli
  Inquisitive Semantics and Intermediate Logics (MoL-2009-11)
Supervisors: Jeroen Groenendijk, Dick de Jongh, & Floris Roelofsen
21 June 2010. David Fiske
  Towards an Evolutionary Linguistic Theory (MoL-2010-08)
Supervisor: Martin Stokhof
27 July 2012. Yves Fomatati
  Sahlqvist Correspondence for Intuitionistic Modal Mu-Calculus (MoL-2012-19)
Supervisor: Alessandra Palmigiano
7 Sep 2012. Nal Kalchbrenner
  Walking the Graph of Language: On a Framework for Meaning and Analogy (MoL-2012-17)
Supervisors: Reinhard Blutner & Raquel Fernández
19 Sep 2012. Tong Wang
  An Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé game for the logic Lω1ω (MoL-2012-11)
Supervisors: Jouko Väänänen & Benedikt Löwe
10 Aug 2013. Tanmay Inamdar
  On the modal logics of some set-theoretic constructions (MoL-2013-07)
Supervisor: Benedikt Löwe
10 Aug 2013. Hugo Nobrega
  Game charactarizations function of classes and Weihrauch degrees (MoL-2013-16)
Supervisor: Benedikt Löwe
21 Feb 2014. Andreea Achimescu
  Games and Logics for Informational Cascades (MoL-2014-04)
Supervisor: Alexandru Baltag & Joshua Sack
28 Aug 2014. Laura Mojica
  Anxiety: A Grammatical Investigation (MoL-2014-20)
Supervisor: Martin Stokhof
30 Sep 2014. Jessica Olsen
  Would You Believe That? The Prerogative of Assent and Utility of Disagreement (MoL-2014-19)
Supervisor: Martin Stokhof
31 Aug 2015. Fangzhou Zhai
  A Bayesian Generative Model for Syllogistic Reasoning (MoL-2015-15)
Supervisors: Jakub Szymanik & Ivan Titov
30 Aug 2016. Iliana Gioulatou
  Hyperintensionality (MoL-2016-24)
Supervisors: Franz Berto & Luca Incurvati
26 Aug 2016. Kristina Gogoladze
  Evidence-Based Belief Revision for Non-Omniscient Agents (MoL-2016-26)
Supervisors: Alexandru Baltag
7 Oct 2016. Nigel J. Sequeira
  Knowing How To Do Semantics (MoL-2016-28)
Supervisors: Martin Stokhof
29 Jun 2017. Stella Moon
  Isaacson's thesis and Wilkie's theorem (MoL-2017-13)
Supervisors: Luca Incurvati & Sean Walsh
22 Aug 2018. Tao Gu
  Monotone Modified Realizability (MoL-2018-36)
Supervisor: Benno van den Berg
30 Aug 2018. Mrinalini Luthra
  How do we Develop Ethically Aware AI? (MoL-2018-22)
Supervisor: Martin Stokhof
5 July 2019. Zhuoye Zhao
  Varieties of Distributivity: From Mandarin Dou to Plurality, Free Choice and Scalarity (MoL-2019-13)
Supervisor: Ronald de Wolf
21 Aug  2021. Anna Dmitrieva
  Positive modal logic beyond distributivity: duality, preservation and completeness (MoL-2021-18)
Supervisor: Nick Bezhanishvili & Tommaso Moraschini
1 July 2022. Noel Arteche Echeverria
  Parameterized Compilability (MoL-2022-11)
Supervisor: Ronald de Haan & Hubie Chen
25 Aug 2022. Erin McCloskey
  Relative Weak Factorization Systems (MoL-2022-20)
Supervisor: Benno van den Berg & Paige North