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1st Semester 2022/23: Quantum Bootcamp

Maris Ozols

The goal of this project is to prepare ILLC students who are interested in quantum computing (but might not have any previous background) to attend the upcoming Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory courses.


The project will involve weekly meetings with the supervisor and independent reading on relevant background material. The topics for the four weeks are as follows:


1. Linear algebra

  • complex numbers
  • vectors, bra-ket notation
  • matrix multiplication, types of matrices
  • tensor product
  • trace, partial trace

2. Quantum states, evolution, measurements

  • pure states
  • mixed states
  • unitary operations
  • quantum measurements
  • CPTP maps

3. Quantum circuits and quantum algorithms

  • quantum gates
  • quantum oracles
  • Deutsch's algorithm
  • Hadamard transform

4. Quantum entanglement

  • product vs entangled states
  • superdense coding
  • quantum teleportation

Linear algebra.


Presentation on some more advanced topic in quantum computing / quantum information. For example, Grover's algorithm, CHSH game, quantum channel representations, graphical notation.


Introductory papers:


  • Kaye P., Laflamme R., Mosca M. (2007). An Introduction to Quantum Computing. Oxford University Press.
  • Mermin N.D. (2007). Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction. Cambridge University Press.
  • Nielsen M.A., Chuang I.L. (2010). Quantum Computation and Quantum Information. Cambridge University Press.