Projects in Previous Years

1st Semester 2009/10: Philosophical Aspects of Proof Theory

Theodora Achourioti.
If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructor by e-mail.

This project is an introduction to some of the main philosophical ideas surrounding proof theory. Among the themes to be covered are the following: the origins of proof-theory in the foundations of mathematics, proof-theoretic semantics as a species of verificationist theories of meaning, harmony, the rejection of classical logic on proof-theoretic grounds, structural proof theory, what proofs look like after normalization or cut-elimination. The project is primarily of philosophical interest and technically non-trivial. For technical precision and a thorough understanding of the main notions we will refer to the textbooks below. A selection of exercises will be part of the preparation, and they will be discussed in class, but they will not form part of the grading. The project will be more like a seminar than a series of lectures.
Basic Logic or equivalent course.
Assessment will be based on:
  1. preparation and participation in the discussions.
  2. two presentations of papers in class.
  3. submission of a short final essay based on an interesting question developed by the student throughout the course.
Working in groups of two is an option.
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