Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2010/11: Programming in Prolog

Ulle Endriss
If you are interested in this project, please contact Ulle by email.
Everybody should be comfortable with working in a least one programming language; for logicians and others with a well-developed sense for aesthetics, Prolog is a good choice. This will be an intensive introduction to logic programming in Prolog. There will be lectures, tutorials, lab sessions, and plenty of homework. During the first two weeks you will acquire basic programming skills in Prolog; the third week will be devoted to a case study where we will see how to implement an automated theorem prover in Prolog; and the final week will be devoted to small projects.
This course is only suitable for students who have not worked with Prolog before. Whether you have had any experience with other programming languages is irrelevant (it is neither help- nor harmful).
The first part of the course will be based on my lecture notes (which were originally written for an undergraduate audience): We will be using SWI Prolog, which has been developed at the UvA.