Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2013/14: Coherence

Branden Fitelson
If you are interested in this project, please contact Sonja Smets who will be hosting Branden Fitelson during his visit to the ILLC.
This project revolves around the contemporary literature on (formal) coherence. Specifically, we will focus on recent applications of "epistemic utility theory" to the problem of grounding synchronic coherence requirements for full belief, comparative confidence, and numerical credence (viz., degree of belief), respectively. The course will be a mixture of introductory lectures by the instructor, presentations by students, and group discussion. The instructor will be distributing a draft book manuscript which will serve as the primary source for readings and exercises (secondary readings and background materials will be provided on the project webpage).
Most of the mathematics and logic required will be elementary (basic first-order logic, discrete mathematics and high-school algebra should suffice). Some familiarity with Mathematica might be useful as well. Although, this can easily be picked-up during the project.
Each student will present material from one or more of the assigned readings and, at the end of the course, submit a written report of his or her readings or project-related research results. Participation in the group discussions will also contribute to the assessment.