Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2014/15: Introduction to Category Theory

Giovanni CinĂ¡ and Julia Ilin
If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructors by email.
The aim of the project is to get the students acquainted with the basics of Category Theory. Category Theory is an influential framework that was initially devised in the context of Algebraic Topology. Nowadays Category Theory is an established branch of Mathematics with ubiquitous applications. The project will follow the exposition of
  • Awodey S. "Category Theory", 2nd ed. Oxford Logic Guides n.52, Oxford University Press.
Remarks: The maximum number of participants for this project is six. As there is substantial overlap with the MasterMath course Category Theory and Topos Theory (offered in Spring 2014 and Spring 2016), you cannot get full credit towards your MSc Logic degree for both activities. Students who previously passed the MasterMath course should not take this project. Students who pass this project and next year consider taking the MasterMath course should contact the Board of Examiners before finalising their plans.
The project will consist of six lectures, two per week for the first three weeks of June. After each lecture the students will be given a homework, and in the last week they will be asked to write a short report. The latter will cover a topic chosen from the advanced chapters of the book.
No knowledge of Category Theory is required, but a good level of mathematical maturity will be needed, given the wide range of examples that we will encounter.
Students will be assessed on the basis of the six homeworks and the final report. Each homework counts for 10% of the final grade, while the final project is worth 40%.