Projects in Previous Years

1st Semester 2019/20: Non-monotonic and Conditional Logic


Johannes Marti.

If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructor(s) by email.

Registration until 17 December 2019, 13:00 hr.  through, using the course code: 5314RNMC6Y


In this project we explore the logical theory that is common to non-monotonic inferences in different areas such as:

  • the formal semantics of modals and counterfactual conditional
  • default reasoning, belief revision and dynamic epistemic logic
  • probabilistic and causal reasoning
  • the theory of rational choice

The most prevalent semantic approaches to non-monotonic logic are based on orders, on choice/selection functions and on families of neighbourhood/premise sets. We study the relations between these different semantics and describe the axiomatic and proof-theoretic systems that they give rise to. Moreover, we investigate how these formal tools are applied in the areas mentioned above.


For the first two weeks there will be lectures introducing the basic theory. In the third week students prepare a presentation on a selected topic that is to be delivered in the last week of the project.


Some basic knowledge of modal logic might be helpful but is not strictly required.


Pass/Fail based on participation, homework exercises and the presentation.


The course material and a wide selection of research papers will be made available at the first meeting.