Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2018/19: Advanced Topics in Computational Social Choice


Suzanne Bloks, Arthur Boixel, Sirin Botan, Ulle Endriss, and Zoi Terzopoulou.

If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructor(s) by email.

Registration through, using the course code: 5314RATC6Y


The purpose of this one-month intensive project course is for you to get some first-hand experience with doing research in computational social choice. You will take part in a research workshop and you will work through and then present a recent paper from the relevant literature. But you will spend most of your time working on an original research question of your own choosing in a small team. At the end of the month you will present your findings in a talk and write them up in a paper.


Refer to the project website at for full information. Please note that registration by 21 May 2019 is required.


All participants must have a good overview of the COMSOC research area.


Students will receive a pass/fail grade for each component of the project (short report on the workshop, presentation of a paper from the literature, final team presentation, final team paper) and must pass all of them to receive an overall passing grade.