Projects in Previous Years

1st Semester 2018/19: Advanced Topics in Set Theory


Yurii Khomskii [The project is coordinated at the ILLC by Benedikt Lowe]
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Registration through, using the course code: 5314ATIS6Y.

This project is in seminar-form, with the students preparing an individual topic in set theory and giving a public presentation on it. The students may each choose an area of interest, either among advanced topics in classical set theory (e.g., forcing, independence proofs, large cardinals, descriptive set theory or infinite games), or “alternative” set theory (e.g., constructive set theory, alternative axiomatizations, set theories based on non-classical logic etc.)

At the beginning we will hold an introductory and organizational meeting. After that, students work on their own, with individual guidance as needed, prepare a section of the material and give a public presentation. Afterwards, they write a short summary of the material in their own words.


Introductory set theory, basic logic.


The project is assessed  as "Fail/Pass", based on the presentations and the written summaries.