Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2017/18: Advanced Topics in Set Theory


Yurii Khomskii [The project is coordinated at the ILLC by Benedikt Lowe]
If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructor(s) by email.


In this project, students will have the opportunity to learn another area in set theory or extend and deepen their knowledge of a certain research area.

This time, the project will be more informal, and the precise content will largely depend on the students' individual preferences. For instance, those who took part in my project "alternative set theories" in January 2018, may want to continue studying a related question. Others may prefer an advanced topic in classical set theory, e.g., independence results, forcing, large cardinals or descriptive set theory. A multidisciplinary area located between set theory and another field of logic is also possible, e.g., infinite games or infinite computability.


The project will consist of student presentations. In case of few participants, we may decide on more than one talk per student. 


Basic knowledge of set theory and logic. Knowledge of some advanced topic in set theory is useful but not necessary.


Based on the presentation and a write-up at the end of the project, on a PASS/FAIL basis.