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2nd Semester 2017/18: Reasoning in Social Context


Alexandru Baltag, Aybuke Ozgun, Sonja Smets

If you are interested in this project, please register via the project webpage.

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This course is designed for Master students interested in the logical analysis of social-informational phenomena, including social networks, the wisdom of crowds, cascades, group polarization, echo chambers, pluralistic ignorance etc. This topic is at the intersection of Logic, Social Epistemology and Network Theory.

We analyze forms of group knowledge, as well as the role of individual beliefs and of belief-aggregation procedures in facilitating or distorting the spread of information through a network of interacting agents. We consider various forms of communication, social influence, disinformation, trolling, and other informational actions that can affect a group's behavior and its ability to track the truth. We focus on examples from the literature and their analysis based on theoretical tools and formal models.



- 30 May 2018, 14:00-17:00: First meeting in KNAW Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam

- Up to 6 other meetings, which will take place at ILLC  (Science Park 107, Amsterdam) on: 4, 6, 7, 11, 14, 15 June 2018 (from 14:00 till 16:00).


Some knowledge of basic modal logic and (very) basic probabilities would be useful. 


Oral presentation of a relevant paper by each participant, plus joint discussion of papers.


The course is based on a collection of research papers and online educational material, which will be made available during the first meeting.