Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2016/17: Seminars in Set Theory

Lorenzo Galeotti and Yurii Khomskii
If you are interested in this project, please contact the instructors by email.
the project will cover different topics in set theory and will have the form of student seminars. At the beginning of the project, each student will choose a topic fitting both his/her interests and background, then he/she will prepare the material and give one or more talks on the selected topic.

Possible ideas for topics include: - basic forcing (independence of the continuum hypothesis) - advanced forcing (e.g., iterated forcing, Martin's Axiom, proper forcing etc.) - measurable cardinals - smaller large cardinals (e.g., Mahlo, Ramsey, weakly compact etc.) - descriptive set theory - infinite games and determinacy - advanced topics about Goedel's constructible universe

We are of course happy to accept topics proposed by the students if they fit the content and the level of the project.

Project goal: apart from gaining new knowledge in set theory, at the end of the project the students are expected to have increased their presentation skills.

the students should have a basic knowledge of set theory (the one typically acquired through an axiomatic set theory course).