Projects in Previous Years

2nd Semester 2005/06: Topics in medieval logic

Dr Benedikt Löwe, Sara Uckelman.

If you are interested in this project, please contact Sara Uckelman by e-mail.
Goal. Increase the sensitivity for historical issues in logic. Develop a more holistic view of logic in medieval times. Train skills of historical exposition.
Students will be handed a topic to work on at the beginning of the project period. The task is to find as much information from secondary sources about the given topic as possible, then synthetize the information into an expository paper of 10 to 20 pages. At the end of June, all students will present their papers before handing them in.

Possible topics are listed below. Some of the topics have been covered by students in the January project (2006). Of course, none of these topics can be covered exhaustively in a single project -- in this case, the goal would be cover those aspects that have not been covered by the student who worked on it in January.

  • Hypothetical syllogisms in Aristotle and Boethius
  • Obligationes as logical games
  • William of Shyreswood "befasste sich auch mit der graphischen Darstellung von Relationen zwischen logischen Klassen"
  • Eucharist 1: Linguistic analysis of pronouns in 'Hoc est enim corpus meum' in the early middle ages (Berengar of Tour).
  • Eucharist 2: Linguistic analysis of 'Hoc est enim corpus meum' in Early Modern Times.
  • Thomas Aquinas, De propositionibus modalibus
Grades are based on an expository paper.