Projects in Previous Years

1st Semester 2007/08: Music Cognition & Logic: Can they learn from each other?

Olivia Ladinig, Cédric Dégremont
If you are interested in this project, please contact Olivia by e-mail.
Goal. This project aims to find and elaborate on possible connections between Music Cognition Research and Logic, in order to contribute to preparing the ground for further research projects involving both disciplines. For students this project can be a possibility to get acquainted with temporal logic, and the representation of musical time.
The project can go into two directions, depending on the intention and focus of interest of the participating students. As a first option, existing literature relevant to both domains could be assembled and critically reviewed. A bibliography could be collected, with short annotations stating the particular problem in musical research and the respective logic that was used. As a second option, for students already more versatile in logic, own projects can be designed (without necessarily being executed), which possibly draw the link between these two domains. As a rough structure of the time: In the first week a short introductory lecture will be held, following by the students diving into literature search themselves. In the last week, short presentations by each student will be given, and a draft paper shall be submitted. The time in between will be used to have short update meetings, and the instructors will be available outside the meetings for supervision and feedback. Depending on the particular project, the students are expected to work self-directed by themselves or in small groups.
A short presentation and a draft paper about a possible research project, or a short presentation and an annotated bibliography will be the basis for the evaluation.
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