non-academic mentor: Heleen Booy


  • graduated from the MoL in 2013
  • high school teacher in Logic at the Hyperion Lyceum Amsterdam


  • short introduction

I work as a teacher at a secondary school in Amsterdam Noord. I teach two subjects: Philosophy and Logic & Argumentation Theory. I didn’t see myself ending up here when I started the Master of Logic. But looking back, it also isn’t surprising. I enjoyed being a teaching assistant in bachelor logic courses, and I decided writing my master thesis about the importance of teaching critical thinking skills in primary schools.

While writing this thesis, and thinking a lot about what to do after the MoL…, I met a secondary school teacher, who was teaching logic, and contacted the ILLC to get to know more about logic. And from that moment I knew that teaching at this school would be a great job for me, and it still is: I teach logic, philosophy, but I also go on school trips, I am a school mentor, a pedagoge, I design teaching material, I go on camping trips, I am part of the think tank at school that constantly thinks of how to improve our education… All of this tells me that this is a very varied, fun, challenging and rewarding job, for which I can use a lot of knowledge I learnt in the MoL.