Defense Schedule Summer 2020


On this page, you can find a list of the defense slots in June and July 2020.
There will be several available defense slots in the last week of August (24-31 August). These will be added in the second half of May.

For each of these slots, one of the members of the Examinations Board has volunteered to chair a defense. Dates that are greyed out do not have any defense slots; note that there are no defense slots between 10 July and 24 August.

This page will be updated when slots are booked for defenses, showing the name of the student and the supervisor as an indication that the slot is no longer available.

As soon as a candidate and a supervisor have agreed on a graduation date and picked one of the available slots in June or July, the supervisor should contact the MoL team and request a booking of this slot. If it is still available, they will reserve the slot and the slot determines:

  1. the chair of the committee
  2. the deadline for the student to hand in the thesis (viz. 21 days before the defense).


Please noteThe slots in the last week of August are reserved for students who really are not able to defend in June/July or in September.

In case the defense should take place in the last week of August, the supervisor should add a motivation to the request to book the slot. The chair of the Examinations Board will decide whether the reasons are pressing enough to assign an August slot.

You have to book a slot for your defense at the latest one month before the defense date, i.e., in order to book the defense slot on 11 June, you need to book it before 11 May. The slots will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

After a slot is assigned, the chair of the committee and the supervisor get in touch to discuss the composition of the committee. 

The defense committee



Week Date Time slot Availability / Names
26 Mon 22 June  
Tue 23 June 10-12 Chair: Roelofsen
14-16 Chair: Roelofsen
Wed 24 June 10-12 Brandon Hoogstra
Chair: Dekker
Supervisors: Aloni and Schipper
14-16 Chair: Dekker
Thu 25 June 10-12 Sven Cornets de Groot
Chair: Roelofsen
Supervisor: Ponse
14-16 Chair: Roelofsen
Fri 26 June 10-12 Chair: Dekker
14-16 Chair: Dekker
27 Mon 29 June 10-12 Chair: Venema
12-14 Chair: Venema
Tue 30 June 10-12 Chair: Dekker
14-16 Chair: Dekker
Wed 1 July 10-12 Chair: Roelofsen
14-16 Chair: Roelofsen
Thu 2 July 10-12 Chair: Roelofsen
14-16 Chair: Roelofsen
Fri 3 July 10-12 Ignacio Bellas
Chair: Dekker
Supervisor: Venema
14-16 Chair: Dekker
28 Mon 6 July 10-12 Chair: Venema
12-14 Teodor Calinoiu
Chair: Venema
Supervisor: Assadian
Tue 7 July  
Wed 8 July 10-12 Maëlle Havelange
Chair: Venema
Supervisors: Stokhof and Liu
12-14 Rachel Maden
Chair: Venema
Supervisor: Stokhof
Thu 9 July  
Fri 10 July 10-12 Thijs Benjamins
Chair: Venema
Supervisors: Bezhanishvili and Moraschini
12-14 Chair: Venema
29 13-17 July  
30 20-24 July  
31 27-31 July  
32 3-7 August  
33 10-14 August  
34 17-21 August  
35 Mon 24 August 10-12 Pedro Del Valle-Inclán Vázquez
Chair: Van den Berg
Supervisor: Schlöder
13-15 Yoàv Montacute
Chair: Van den Berg
Supervisors: Baltag and Bezhanishvili
Tue 25 August 10-12 Chair: Van den Berg
13-15 Chair: Van den Berg
Wed 26 August 10-12 Chair: Van den Berg
12-14 Chair: Shutova
15-17 Angelica Hill
Chair: Shutova
Supervisor: Aloni
Thu 27 August 10-12 Chair: Van den Berg
12-14 Miguel Flament
Chair: Shutova
Supervisor:  Dekker 
15-17 Tex Schönlank
Chair: Shutova
Supervisors:  Van den Berg and Geuvers 
Fri 28 August 10-12 Flavio Tisi
Chair: Van den Berg
Supervisors: Smets and Slavkovic
12-14 Luca van der Kamp
Chair: Shutova
Supervisors: Smets and Velazquez Quesada
36 Mon 31 August 11-13 Sebastian Koehlert
Chair: Shutova
Supervisor:  Russo
12-14 Joannes Campell
Chair: Van den Berg
Supervisors:  Incurvati and Hawke

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