Defense Schedule Summer 2018

On this page, you can find a list of the defense slots in the months of June, July and August 2018. For each of these slots, one of the members of the Examinations Board has volunteered to chair a defense. Dates that are greyed out do not have any defense slots; note that there are no defense slots between 16 July and 27 August. This page will be updated when slots are booked for defenses, showing the name of the student and the supervisor as an indication that that slot is not available anymore. Note that if a slot is shown as available on this page, it might be that the page has not been updated.

As soon as a candidate and a supervisor have agreed on a graduation date and picked one of the available slots, the supervisor should contact Sietske van der Pol and request a booking of this slot. If it is still available, Sietske will reserve the slot and the slot determines

  1. the chair of the committee,<
  2. the deadline for the student to hand in the thesis (viz. 21 days before the defense).

After this, the chair of the committee and the supervisor get in touch to discuss the composition of the committee. You have to book a slot for your defense at the latest one month before the defense date, i.e., in order to book the defense slot on 11 June, you need to book it until 11 May. The slots will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Week Date Time slot Availability
24 Monday 11 June 2018 16–18 Max van den Broek
Chair: Venema
Supervisors: Smets, Velázquez Quesada
Tuesday 12 June 2018  
Wednesday 13 June 2018  
Thursday 14 June 2018  
Friday 15 June 2018  
25 Monday 18 June 2018 12-14 available
15-17 available
Tuesday 19 June 2018 11-13 Jeroen van Wier
Chair: Venema
Supervisors: Schaffner, Majenz
14-16 Dean McHugh
Chair: Venema
Supervisor: Schulz
Wednesday 20 June 2018  
Thursday 21 June 2018  
Friday 22 June 2018  
26 Monday 25 June 2018  
Tuesday 26 June 2018 11-13 available
14-16 available
16-18 available
Wednesday 27 June 2018    
14-16 available
16-18 available
Thursday 28 June 2018 11-13 Matteo Nizzardo
Chair: Deoskar
14-16 Ethan Lewis
Chair: Deoskar.
Supervisors: Löwe, Galeotti.
16-18 Robert Paßmann
Chair: Roelofsen.
Supervisor: Löwe.
Friday 29 June 2018    
15-17 Jorge Viterbo Ferreira
Chair: Schulz
Supervisors: Berto, Incurvati
27 Monday 2 July 2018  
Tuesday 3 July 2018 11-13 Yujie Xing
Chair: Deoskar
Supervisor: Fernandez
14-16 available
16-18 available
Wednesday 4 July 2018 11-13 available
14-16 available
Thursday 5 July 2018 11-13 Grzegorz Lisowski
Chair: Venema
Supervisors: Grandi, Smets
Friday 6 July 2018 9-11 available
11-13 Silvan Hungerbühler
Chair: Schulz
Supervisor: Betti

Stefania Ionescu
Chair: de Wolf
Supervisors: Kamps, Bredeweg

28 Monday 9 July 2018 11-13 Raja Damanik
Chair: de Wolf
Supervisor: Walter
   13-15 Tao Gu
Chair: Ronald de Wolf
Benno van den Berg
Tuesday 10 July 2018  
Wednesday 11 July 2018  
Thursday 12 July 2018    
16-18 Leon Commandeur
Chair: Löwe
Supervisor: Lipman
Friday 13 July 2018 14-16 Jelle Don
Chair: de Wolf
Supervisors: Schaffner, Majenz
29 16–20 July 2018  
30 23–27 July 2018  
31 30 July–3 August 2018  
32 6–10 August 2018  
33 13–17 August 2018  
34 20–24 August 2018  
35 Monday 27 August 2018 11-13 Morwenna Hoeks
Chair: de Wolf
 14-16 Marvin Schmitt
Chair: de Wolf
Supervisors: Cremer, Dotlačil
Tuesday 28 August 2018 11-13 Haukur Páll Jónsson
Chair: de Wolf
Supervisors: Szymanik, van Harmelen
14-16 Hana Möller Kalpak
Chair: Löwe
Supervisor: Roelofsen
Wednesday 29 August 2018 14-16 Max Bohnet
Chair: Löwe
Supervisors: Incurvati, Nicolai
16-18 Gaia Bellardini
Chair: Löwe
Supervisor: Baltag
Thursday 30 August 2018 11-13 Mrinalini Luthra
Chair: Löwe
14-16 Max Rapp
Chair: Löwe
Smets, Velázquez
16-18 Julia Turska
Chair: Löwe
Supervisor: Stokhof
Friday 31 August 2018  

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