First semester 20/21 - COVID-19

We understand that as a prospective student the nation-wide and international measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 may leave you with concerns and questions about starting your Master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam in the upcoming academic year. Also sitting students might have questions about the summer break and the next academic year. Below, you can find more information and an FAQ about the next academic year and what we're doing to ensure a smooth start for all students in September 2020. We’re looking forward to starting the academic year 2020-2021 with you!

Education from September, the academic year 2020-2021

The academic year 2020-2021 will start as planned in September. We expect small-scale on-site activities to be possible from September, albeit with strict limitations to adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch government. This means we will be providing a form of hybrid education in the first semester, partly on-campus and mostly online. We will ensure that all education will be available online. So in case you can't be present in Amsterdam or on-site, you will not miss out on any educational activities. Later in July it will be clear what our hybrid education is going to look like. The scheduling office of the Faculty of Science is still collecting input from the various programmes. They expect to have the final adapted schedule by July 24, so later than previously announced. Any news will be published on this webpage.

By mid-June the MoL presented this plan specifying their priorities with regards to their face-to-face activities to the Faculty's scheduling office. Although nothing is certain yet, given the new relaxation of the corona measurements in the Netherlands, we are now optimistic that our requests have a good chance to be accepted.

We regret that many of the activities that would usually be part of the MoL experience will most probably not be possible next semester (this includes face-to-face lectures but also many of the social events), but we are preparing to offer all students the best possible version of the MoL given the circumstances. This includes adapting our courses to the online format and finding new, alternative ways to collaborate and be together with our students and for our students.

Introduction for first year MoL students

Over the coming months, a couple of introductory meetings for the first year students will take place.

  • 29 June, 16h00: a Zoom meeting with the MoL management to inform you about your upcoming start in the Master of Logic / Logic Year.
  • 27 August, time t.b.a.: online introduction Graduate School of Informatics (GSI). More info will follow soon.
  • 28 August, 15h00: official online introduction to the Master of Logic / Logic Year. To start off the academic year, this meeting will provide study related information about the Master of Logic and the Faculty of Science, as well as grant the opportunity to meet your fellow students and learn more about the MoL community.
  • T.b.a.: live MoL introduction gathering at the start of the academic year. More info will follow soon.

Work spaces during the summer months

We are currently working to create work spaces for those MoL students who will be working on their theses or other projects throughout the summer months. Some of the urgent cases have already been offered a solution. Please be ensured that we are doing our very best to create as many spaces as possible, we hope to have some more places in July. We will keep you informed on this webpage and publish an allocation system as soon as we know more.

Frequently asked questions about the academic year 2020-2021

When will classes start?

Classes will start as planned, on Monday 31 August.

What will my schedule look like?

This will become clear in the first week of July.

I can't complete my Bachelor's programme before 1 September. Can I still start the MoL in the first semester?

In exceptional cases, the UvA will allow you to start your Master’s programme before having fully completed your Bachelor’s degree. The study delay must be COVID-19 related and concern courses from the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year (February through June 2020). Please see Step 4a on our Admission's page for more information.

Whom can I contact for other questions?

In case you have questions, please contact the MoL management team at

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